HDB Contemporary With Vintage Elements

HDB Contemporary With Vintage Elements

In essence, the apartment is done in a contemporary style, with some touches of Japanese style. Sometimes, just a single drop can be enough to mix a different style into the room.

In the living area, aside from the contemporary decorations, the designer places a bamboo plant for a Japanese touch. One of the subtle, yet interesting moments in the living area is the ceiling, or better said, the sky like effect.

In most cases, when designers opt for a sky effect on the ceiling, they opt for rectangular or square shapes. But in this case, the designer opts for an irregular shape and form.

In the living room, the designer also adds some vintage elements on the ceiling, a fan that the designer uses for both the living, and the sleeping area.

In the kitchen, we see another uncommon approach to the interior design. Every wall in the kitchen is covered with tiles. In most cases, only the floor and one wall are covered in tiles in the kitchen, but here, we get a fully tiled kitchen.