HDB DBSS 5-Room Walk-In Wardrobe At Pasir Ris One
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de style interior industrial walk in wardrobe

HDB DBSS 5-Room Walk-In Wardrobe At Pasir Ris One

A recently completed project featuring a DBSS 5-room walk-in wardrobe flat at Pasir Ris One. The clear style of the interior is industrial, but what the designer does, especially in the wall décor is to use wood, texture and other assets to deliver an (un)finished look.

In terms of carpentry, every piece is sleek and excellent, with the designer using more of a vintage look for the furniture to fit better in the industrial theme. Take the living area for example, where the unfinished look of the brick wall is accompanied by a TV cabinet that look like it came from a century ago.

de style interior industrial walk in wardrobe

Going into the dining area, the unfinished look is even more evident. An interesting piece is the dining bar section, made out of wood, but with a laminate that resembles cement to fit into the industrial theme.

In the master bedroom, the designer dresses up all the walls in wallpaper texture, making sure there is no nude wall in it. And then, a raw and little rugged wooden laminate for the nightstand looks ideal.

de style interior industrial master bedroom
de style interior industrial living are
de style interior industrial dining area de style interior industrial corridor

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