HDB EA Resale At Blk 656C Jurong West

HDB EA Resale At Blk 656C Jurong West

From the very first moment you step foot into the apartment you are greeted with luxury and style. But the apartment is done in a different type of luxury, which is more fitted for a western style.

Two things that make the apartment unique is the TV feature wall and the kitchen island. Let’s start from the first one, the TV feature wall where the designer has put a glass frame around the TV and white lines to emphasize it. The glass helps for reflection, a common trick in modern designed spaces.

The second unique piece in the apartment is the kitchen island. What makes the kitchen island special is the way it was executed. The island is floating, and underneath the designer has placed blue neon illumination. By placing the kitchen island on a floating piece, the designer makes the kitchen look like a separate piece that pops out of the interior.

Different graphic shapes and motives in black and white combination on the kitchen elements make the room playful and interesting. On the way to the bedroom, you are greeted with glass wardrobe, where the precious and highly expensive shoes are on full display.

The bedroom also features a powder corner that looks like it came out of a Hollywood dressing room for a big star actress. Simply put, every piece in the apartment glows with luxurious feeling, and all is left is to enjoy it.