HDB Functional Kitchen At Blk 713 Tampines
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dc vision sleek contemporary kitchen

HDB Functional Kitchen At Blk 713 Tampines

dc vision sleek contemporary kitchen
For the kitchen, the designer goes for a small, but subtle contrast in terms of color for the finishing of the elements. And then, he tops it off with a dramatic, quarts black counter top. 

From the get go, you know you are in an apartment where space is highly valued. The minimalistic approach to the décor is evident as much as the contemporary style.

Starting from the living area, where simplicity is the key. The TV console is placed on a small, floating cabinet, with mirror and reflecting finishing to complement the contemporary approach. The coffee table is another piece of furniture that is in line with the simple approach.

Going to the bedroom, we see the effect of calming, neutral colors. The wardrobe cabinet is an interesting and unique piece in its own way, with box like outlook for the shelves. A small horizontal mirror line in the lower section adds the stylish touch.

dc vision sleek contemporary living area
dc vision sleek contemporary master bedroom dc vision sleek contemporary master bathroom

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