HDB Light Industrial Design At Blk 549A Segar Road
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HDB Light Industrial Design At Blk 549A Segar Road

In the essence of the interior is an industrial theme, but the apartment has enough Scandinavian style elements as well. It is another classic example of mix and match and how styles work together.

Starting from the living room, the designer shows his uniqueness by placing a cement grid wall as a TV feature wall. With glossy tiles on the floor and wooden furniture, the cement wall is even more emphasized.

The dining room and the entry hall are another area where the designer tries to incorporate as much natural elements as possible. But the subtle element is the shoe cabinet with black trimming, an element that shows the exceptional attention to details by the designer.

The bedroom is a room in which the designer installs a room within the room. How does he do that? By placing the bed on a platform and framing it within its own feature wall. The end result is a cozy sleeping area that works as its own room.

The bathroom is probably the best example for mix and match, as the designer matches several different styles within a small space, linking them all together thanks to a mosaic like wall.

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