HDB Minimalistic Luxury

HDB Minimalistic Luxury

People often think that to achieve a luxurious look of the apartment, you need to crowd it and overwhelm it with glitzy and shiny accessories. In reality, even minimalistic style can look luxurious and stylish.

The trick here is the TV feature wall. Done in what can be described as Victorian style with the lamps on it, the design is as unique as possible. The lights emphasize a cream, luxurious colour that looks richer and deeper.


Another element that adds to the luxurious feeling of the apartment is the faux wall. Its purpose is to separate the living area from the dining area, but black is always considered classic, elegant and luxurious colour.

The mat finishing of the faux wall makes the black look shiny and special. We mentioned that the style is minimalistic, and you can notice it by the lack of furniture elements. An interesting aspect is how all the three rooms (kitchen, dining and living are connected.

While the living area is separated from the dining with a faux wall, the dining and the kitchen area are separated with a glass sliding door. The whole concept creates flow of energy between all rooms.