HDB Modern Contemporary Textures For A Fresh Look

HDB Modern Contemporary Textures For A Fresh Look

Nowadays, the style that dominates interior design is modern and contemporary, two styles that lean on clean lines, white or bright interior and décor without many accessories. In a design like that, the challenge is to keep things interesting.

One of the ways to achieve such look is adding textures, such is the case here. By playing with textures like bricks and woodgrains, the designers add a certain level to the apartment that makes it unique.

Another element worth noting are the inspirational and motivational posters on the wall in the living room. They represent a true modern spirit. The club table in the living room is another element that belongs in that unique, uncommon area.

In a true modern spirit, the kitchen features different styles of tiles on the floor and on the wall, and with a marble countertop, you can say the room has all the materials.

Now when it comes to wood, many designers decide to stick just to one type of wood. Here, we get different styles and types, all made according to the room they are placed. Or in other words, the bedroom features more hardwood, while the wooden color is lighter in other rooms.