HDB Modern Simplicity Design At Jurong West

HDB Modern Simplicity Design At Jurong West

In the modern urban jungle, people could always use a little simplicity that will make the environment calming, comfortable, yet modern in the same time.

In this case, the designer goes for urban simplicity, sticking to clear and straight lines for the finishing of the outlook. Yet in the same time, there are some urban elements that show it is an apartment in an urban city.

In the living room, there is a little Japanese and Asian style influence, with a low coffee table and a Japanese plant next to the sofa. Additionally, the designer has also placed two low wooden chairs to mimic Japanese environment.

And while the chairs are not much functional, they are visually appealing.

The bathroom is the best example of simplicity into an urban jungle. The urban element is clearly visible with the mosaic tiles in the bathroom, but everything else is as simple as possible.

The bedroom is another room where the concept of “as simple as possible” is applied. The bedroom is actually open for entrance from the dining room, which is an interesting and unconventional layout of the apartment.