5 Reasons We’re Loving This Urban Modern HDB

5 Reasons We’re Loving This Urban Modern HDB

The lines and grains of wood has always been one of the most fascinating and highly sought after design. It’s beauty brought forth by its uniqueness and individuality, portrays an almost natural environment indoors, complementing any design structure. It provides the home with a polished outlook, creating calmness and tranquility.

The living room is a space that sparks the feeling of luxury without having to try so hard. This is brought about by the TV feature wall that is made of pure, solid wood complemented with the soft sofa and the rug that completes the whole look. The glass doors that lead to the veranda extends the living room space beautifully.

This dining room is just perfectly designed. The pairing of glass and wood gave the space the feeling of abundance and warmth at the same time. Even the lighting fixture is made of wood, making it a decorative aspect as well. Wood played a big role in this particular space especially since the wall where the mirror is attached is made of ceiling to floor carpentry that is just exquisite in finish.

By far, this is the coziest masters’ bedroom so far. The pillows are propped up on wood panels as that of a cabin. The design concept is basic yet with a subtle hint of elegance to it, because of the careful choice of furnishing and decor pairings. Blinds cover the big framed windows and again, the use of unique lighting fixture provided the texture to the space.

From another angle of the masters’ bedroom, one gets the full picture of the wood panels that give the room a streamlined look and the feeling of living in a cabin in a forest. The shelves that are attached to the wall looks and feels just right where it should be. The painting at one side of the room provides the much needed pop of color that the room is lacking.

A walk-in closet that is made of wood will always feel and look elegant to anyone who sees it. Wood provides a sense of organization and it was certainly lent to this space in the apartment. What made this area look even more rich was the soft illumination that emanated from the carpentry.