HDB Open Concept Kitchen At Punggol Walk

HDB Open Concept Kitchen At Punggol Walk

We see two different styles for an open concept kitchen used here. Both have their strengths and both are appealing.

The first concept is part of a modern industrial apartment. In this case, the designer has used mosaic tiles to make a feature wall in the kitchen and bring some playfulness in the black/white/grey environment.


A red fridge is a bold move for introducing color to a kitchen, but it works ideally in the white – light blue background. Tiles are again part of the wall, and while they are not fitted as mosaic in the first case, they are still small and playful.

The second kitchen is more colorful, vivid and with more life. But that is the aspect that the designer was looking for, with a style very similar to the art deco style.

An interesting aspect of the first apartment is the living room as well, which is completely lifted on a platform, giving you a sense of being above everything and everyone. It is a prestigious aspect that designers use more and more in recent years.