HDB Resale 3-Room Cozy Scandinavian

HDB Resale 3-Room Cozy Scandinavian

The designer has tried his best to make the small interior look as large as possible, and feel as cozy and as warm as possible.

The designer uses smooth concrete effect that spread from the living area to the kitchen and dining area to provide that cozy feel.

In the living area, the signature element is a mirror feature wall. The wall adds unique factor to the room, but also makes it look larger.

The kitchen and the living area are separated by a kitchen top. What is interesting is that the designer placed the dining room and area into the kitchen. It is a rare setting, but in a kitchen as large as this one it works flawlessly.

In the dining area, the designer uses another trick for practically enlarging the space. The sitting desk for the dining table from one side is a floating desk.

This trick reduces the space needed for the table, thus allowing more space for owners to move and manoeuvre through the kitchen.

The bedroom is another room where the designer uses mirror walls in order to visually increase the space. The difference, the mirror walls actually hide the wardrobe. It is a win-win situation. A timber headboard makes the bedroom warm and cozy.