HDB Resale 4-Room @ 186C Rivervale Drive

idees 186c Rivervale Drive

HDB Resale 4-Room @ 186C Rivervale Drive

This is what our home owner of Rivervale Drive sees when they reach home daily, a full height shoe cabinet on the right designed with an open shelf for their conveniences of placement of keys, their counter height bar counter & display cabinet.

Looking for a complete overhaul to make your existing unit that you’re taking over into your dream home? Take a look here at what we have for you this time!

The shoe cabinet looks awkward no more when it’s integrated with a full height non-symmetrical checkered-designed feature wall, followed by a full height grey colored feature wall acting as a hideout for their existing bomb shelter. Say hello to modern classic and goodbye to old-fashioned HDB colors.

Dining area is customised for a 5-seater, & the idea of having a bar counter fits in the picture seamlessly. Having a standard height glass finished dining table would be an idea too, but customising a bar counter with your preferred depth would cater you a substantial amount of walking space.

Take a look at this storage cabinet, whereby it’s functional as a display which at the same time comes with enclosed storages & extra spaces can be used as a book shelf as well. Wouldn’t you like this idea of all-in-one?

Entering the white room door from the living, it’ll lead you to a lounge area, whereby the living area of this flat is given more privacy from the corridor.

We don’t need a full height book shelf in the room if you happen to have an awkward layout like this bedroom. Insert some shelves into the sunken wall by the corners to create racks so that you can place any items you like over there. Books, displays, you name it, we do it.

Walk-in wardrobes, all thanks to american films, most women in Asia love to own it if possible. But in Singapore this is not difficult to achieve as well, if we have proper space planning. Let us take a tour of the walk-in wardrobe that we’d planned for our home owners over here.

If you prefer to have your accessories parted out in order to create more spaces for hanging clothes, you may consider requesting for an island counter like this. Small in size, but yet functional in height.

Walk-in wardrobes look awkward with windows appearing in the picture, so what our designers had proposed is to have it closed up most of the time with 2 pieces of carpentry doors that matches with the flow. For this, we won’t encourage sealing up of window areas due to ventilation required when necessary.

Need some study space with privacy but yet you still wish your home to look ridiculously spacious? Choose clear tempered glass, whereby you can block off sounds out of your study area when you’re in it by having the doors closed, yet you can still look out to see what is going on in the house.

If you’re great fan of monochrome but you’re afraid of dulling your dream home with the classic colors Black & White, fret not. You may use an option like this, lightening your kitchen area with just a piece of tempered glass backing which comes in a lighter tone. The green glass backing not only lightens up the kitchen’s dull, but also out stand the classic colors more.

Pictures doesn’t totally do justice to this outstanding design of the master bathroom. Featured wall tiles are off rugged surfaces, whereby it emphasizes a different tone from the usual smooth surface tiles that we usually purchase for our homes nowadays.

If you’re keen in seeking storages in your bathrooms, but you’re afraid of open doors here & there due to space constraint, your worries are all cleared now as sliding doors can be introduced to vanity cabinets as well.

If you’re keen in having one-color theme for your bathroom, advice is that you choose tiles of different visual patterns to create different emphasis. Choice of 30cmx45cm tiles were laid horizontally for the bathroom to be visually lengthened, & the tiles with dark grey horizontal lines aided the visual of length to be even stronger.

Part of the common bathroom was to be revamped into a semi-laundry room, whereby the washing machine & dryer is placed there. With space constraint, a frosted glass panel together with a thin low height wall was built. This way, it saves more walking spaces for the home owners, one gets privacy as well when using the common bathroom.

To help you guys with visualising this makeover better, do refer to the floor plan below for clarity purpose.