HDB Resale 4-Room @ 403C Fernvale Lane

HDB Resale 4-Room @ 403C Fernvale Lane

All HDB flats have a bomb shelter and most home owners find it positioned in an ultra awkward position whereby they’ll have headaches with its visuals. Fret not, here is one of the ideas which you may consider to have your bomb shelter well-hidden up.

If your bomb shelter is near at the door entrance just like seen in this project, you may consider having shoe cabinets or a display cabinet built next to or around it, & have a feature wall covering your bomb shelter up. For this project, we have a shoe cabinet nearer to the door, followed by a tic-tac door covering the bomb shelter, & a display cabinet that comes with storage after the bomb shelter.

This whole in-built cabinet doesn’t eat up too much space at the entrance area, instead it lengthens the entrance walkway together with open concept kitchen introduced.

Open concept kitchen is what most modern humans would like to have in their dream homes. We made this possible for our home owner by incorporating the bar counter with the bottom kitchen cabinet in this project. This low height bar counter is able to accomodate up to 4 pax for dining.

Tall units were designed to have storages for bulky cooking appliances, & here we have for the owner an open shelve for the steamer/rice cooker, & mini shelvings internally for cups/tins of daily uses.

Dark colored wood grains may seem too heavy for certain people, by having it blending with the classic white color, the whole interior of the kitchen looks sleek & modern, & the wood grains are deemed to be of an emphasis instead.

If you’re looking for ideas of walk-in wardrobes but you prefer to keep your storages enclosed, you may opt for a designed casement wardrobe, & make this your walk-in wardrobe by catering a bedroom for it. For this project, our owners had hacked off the existing bedroom wall between the Master Bedroom & Bedroom 2 to have the rooms combined.

Interior designs nowadays enables a HDB flat to look like a condominium. For the master toliet, we’d build a full height feature wall using tiles finished to create 2 deep open shelves for placement of shower items. Frames of the shower screens were hidden within the tiles to disallow exposure of the shower screen support.

The vanity cabinet comes as a pair with the mirror cabinet, whereby storage of slim items may be placed behind the mirror for daily uses. The depth of the mirror cabinet are able to be customised tailored to your needs.

Despite having the same colored tiles all in one bathroom, we’d designed this bathroom’s tile colors to be of different shades to create a tone difference. As such, a full length mirror was placed from the top of the vanity to the bottom of the box-up of this bathroom. This lengthens the height of the bathroom, leaving a glistening look at the vanity area at the same time.