HDB Resale 4-Room @ Blk 15 Upper Boon Keng

HDB Resale 4-Room @ Blk 15 Upper Boon Keng

This is a HDB 4-room resale project completed at Blk 15 upper boon keng. When it comes to luxury living as they stand out with so much style and grace that you might be in awe just to look at them. Each apartment can be turn into a glamorous, luxurious space with lots of glitz and sparkles. Exhibit A.

Right from the start, this apartment feels like it has come from a fashion magazine. It is a tricky task to mix glamour with style, but this apartment has managed to pull it off. When striving for glamour, people tend to overdo it, but the dosage is ideal here.

Leather furniture, huge plasma TV, excellent lighting and to top it all, a tree of life that keeps the blitz at bay and provides the much needed style.

Luxury is one of the top three adjectives you can use to describe the apartment. To continue the stylish, subtle exposure of luxury items, the apartment is armed with an open concept shelves for displaying luxury items.

Every once in a while people go over the top to show off their glamorous apartment. Here, a home cinema, masked as a private entertainment room serves that purpose.

Marble, and marble like materials are used in the kitchen in order to deliver deluxe and splendid outlook. It looks clean, neat and most importantly, fully functional.

Open concept display shelves at the back for the luxury items.

Entertainment room where you can chill and unwind.

Marble-like laminate used created a luxurious and posh outlook for the kitchen.