HDB Resale 4-Room Industrial Design At Jalan Membina

HDB Resale 4-Room Industrial Design At Jalan Membina

space define industrial living area
Sometimes, people tend to overdo things, and over accessorize the interior. And that especially applies for industrial design, where there are countless of options how to accessorize the interior. 

In this case, however, we see the beauty of the simplicity in industrial style. Let’s start from the living area, where the industrial style is echoed by the TV feature wall. Unique and creative, the designer makes a feature cabinet with storage from pipes and boxes.

In the dining area, a vintage wooden dining table is the signature piece. Aluminum framed chairs echo the industrial touch.

In the master bedroom, we see the influence of the industrial style on the wardrobe. A cement like finishing for the wardrobe looks perfect, and blends ideally in the blue colored room. For a touch of retro industrial style, the designer places a ceiling fan on the nightstand.

The best rooms in the apartment, though, are probably the two bathrooms. Both are mesmerizing, especially the common bathroom where the brick wall give a special and warm feeling and unique touch. Built in mirror cabinets are practical and functional additions.

space define industrial master bedroom space define industrial master bathroom space define industrial kitchen space define industrial hallway space define industrial common bathroom space define industrial dining area