HDB Resale 4-Room Modern Farmhouse At Bedok

HDB Resale 4-Room Modern Farmhouse At Bedok

In an era where modern designed apartments look very similar, it is refreshing to see out of the box thinking. What we have here is a modern apartment, but with few elements that evoke a farmhouse and barn feeling.

Starting from the entry hall, the designer has created a garden like entry, which is very inviting and pleasing. Next to the “garden turf”, the designer places a bench like shoe cabinet with pillows which works ideally in contrast with the garden.

The living area and the dining area are connected, but also separated. In the living area, the designer creates different corners, and separates them seamlessly thanks to different design.

In the living area, the designer has achieved that warmth of the countryside thanks to the brick like walls with texture, opposed to the warm colour of timber flooring.

The kitchen follows the thematic of clean lines and minimalistic style. All the elements are placed on one side of the wall, and the elimination of the kitchen island in the middle allows for more space for movement and creates fuss free environment.