HDB Resale Contemporary At Pasir Ris

HDB Resale Contemporary At Pasir Ris

Even small spaces could be decorated in contemporary style and they can look as clean and neat as possible. In this case, thanks to a minimalistic design, the designer has managed to fully use the potential of the space and make it look bigger as it is.

From the entry hall, guests are welcomed in the living area. The designer has placed a faux TV feature wall that separates the living room from the entry room.

Using transparent design and black quarts around the TV, the designer has managed to make the feature wall look as dramatic as possible.

In the dining area, which is combined with the living area, the designer again uses a feature wall to draw the attention of the eye and make it visually appealing.

Large horizontal mirror enriches one of the walls, reflecting the dining area. The use of mirrors is one of the constant tricks designers use in contemporary spaces.

In the kitchen, the designer uses another trick out of his sleeve to make it visually bigger. The trick in the kitchen is to use one color, but try different shades of it to create a natural flow.

The dark gray color of the tiles is used in brighter version for the finishing touch of the kitchen elements. In between, the white colored walls serve as the perfect background.