HDB Resale Proposed Design @ Blk 771 Choa Chu Kang

HDB Resale Proposed Design @ Blk 771 Choa Chu Kang

While it looks like your everyday living room on first glance, the living room and the apartment as a whole, offer tons of creative ideas.

Let’s start with the shelves in the corner, a space we rarely use, and is considered one of the dead spaces in the room. The zig-zag shelves provide the room with a touch of playfulness. Another clever solution is the storage under the windows, another space we rarely use.

You can say that the whole apartment tries to take full advantage of storage options. The wardrobe is another element where the designer has added as much storage options as possible.

And in the living room, it is all about the color and the cheerfulness. The cream bedroom, however, again tries to find solutions for extra storage. Even the TV is placed on a built in wardrobe.