HDB Scandinavian Interior Creates a Heart Warming Feel

HDB Scandinavian Interior Creates a Heart Warming Feel

Let’s start from the beginning, which is the living area. In the living area, we see a different approach to a TV feature wall. Usually, the TV is a big one, with small feature wall.

In this case, a designer opts for a different approach, going for a full floor to ceiling wooden cabinet that serves as a feature wall.

We also get some black and white combination on the rug, but the end result is comfortable, cozy and warm atmosphere.

Light brown wooden furniture is a huge part of the design. From the entry hall, to the living area, the designer adds shelves with display niches. The small openings allow for light to flow through the whole apartment.

In the kitchen, the designer again adds some tricks from the Scandinavian style. The finishing on the kitchen elements is of timber, and the outlook is as natural as possible.
In the living area, the designer also installs another feature wall, made out of brick like texture to complement the wooden cabinet. There are many styles that are mixed and matched in the living area.
One of the best aspects of the interior is the hallway from the living area to other rooms in the apartment. Installing a mirror in the corner, the designer adds a wonderful visual element. The mirror adds visual appeal, but also makes the hallway look bigger.