HDB Unconventional Contemporary At Blk 254 Simei
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HDB Unconventional Contemporary At Blk 254 Simei

From the moment you set foot in the apartment, you notice that nothing is conventional and common in it.

For starters, the mere choice of positioning for the air conditioner is interesting, as conditioners are commonly placed above the windows.

Going further into the living area, a contemporary design usually commands timeless and modern piece of furniture, but the retro sofa section doesn’t look like that.

Going into the TV feature wall, a quarts material is a solid choice, and the brown and white contrast is another nice touch.

The layout of the apartment is the best part, as the designer has managed to make a narrow space look extremely spacious.

In the dining area, the designer continues the approach of adding retro, vintage furniture pieces that look timeless in the environment. A glossy wood furnishing adds style to what is essentially dining table and chairs from a granny’s house.

In the kitchen, the designer goes for a rather unconventional colors for the finishing of the elements, as marsala is rarely a choice for kitchen elements.

But marsala is the trendy color for 2015, and adding it to the kitchen makes the apartment look stylish and fashionable.

Last, but not least, in the bedroom, the designer has created a sense of flow with the finishing of the cabinets/wardrobes. Featuring the same timber finishing as the TV feature wall, the designer connects all the pieces together.

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