Home Design Inspirations: Minimalist Interior Design – Living with Less

Home Design Inspirations: Minimalist Interior Design – Living with Less

I love minimalist designs. Living in such a busy and expensive city, I always feel the need to escape the distractions, noise and clutter in order to feel relaxed and comforted…and that is living in an uncluttered and simple enviornment. Too much clutters bring too much distraction and they do not bring you joy.

Minimalism is all about the art of living with less, with the theory of “Less is More”. By keeping only the essential elements, what you choose to have is vital. Get decorations that are simple in form and function, yet there is a touch of elegance and sophisticated feel.


Minimalism is king of clutter free homes. There are no ifs and buts about minimalism; it is great space united with interesting furniture and is a style born from Japanese interior design where everything is reduced to only its necessary elements.  –Interior Designipedia


“Less is more” theory does not necessarily means that you have to go budget on your furnishings and accessories. It is more on creating a comforting space while maintaining a perfect minimal and visually interesting modern interior.

Here, I decided to feature 2 projects from Interior Design Singapore website as I love how the designers implemented minimalist designs to the homes. These two will go into my favorite bookmark list for future references when I get my new house. 🙂

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1. Minimalist Design Giving A Spacious Feel – Weiken.com Interior Design Pte Ltd

I have no idea what type of housing it is, but putting that aside, I am quite impressed with the design of the living room.

Living room – Floating shelves are always the choice for minimalist design

Reading room

The whole room

Going for minimalist designs do not have to be just black and white in an almost sterile fashion. That will be so boring and plain. Here, the grey added sleek sophistication to the living room, making it look classy and modern. Pairing black floating shelves with the classy white and grey interiors make an excellent combination. Going to the reading room, the neutral background highlighted the colorful accents in ease, allowing the bright color to stand out and create a “pop” look.

Spanning out, the simplicity and minimalist-themed created such a dashing room, a showstopper which will turns heads, and of course, a great conversation-starter! 😉

2. HDB 4-Room BTO Minimalist Charm @ Anchorvale – Urban Habitat

This project caught my eye because of the wonderfully designed kitchen and the bedroom.


Creating a minimalist-themed kitchen can make it looks elegant with clutter-free decor. With the addition of the bar top and simple cabinets with false wall lighting, these help to add more style and elegance to the kitchen design. Throw in neutral colors with a hint of black works best in creating a striking look of minimalist style.


Have a well designed bedroom is very important as this is where you will relax and sleep. When choosing the right furnishings, bed and decorations, it is important to consider the color used for the room. The best effect for creating minimalist styled bedroom will be white or cream shade.

You can also add in a little colour like grey for instance (e.g. blanket) and patterns (e.g. cupboards and pillow) to add simple but interesting details which helps to add in a touch of personality. This will create a serene and comforting place. Too much whites with no personality touch to it will make the room looks cold and uninviting.

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If you are the kind of person who love to have a clean, simple and uncluttered home, how about implementing the “Less is More” approach to your home? With the minimalist style approach, you can create your dream home with such chic and classy interiors!

Disclaimer: All pictures are taken from Interior Design Singapore unless stated otherwise. However, content and opinions are of my own.