HomeVista Review - HDB BTO 3-Room Minimalist At 440 Fernvale Link
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HomeVista Review – HDB BTO 3-Room Minimalist At 440 Fernvale Link

Mr Koh shares his renovation experiences and reviews of Homevista designer on his HDB 3-room flat. Here is the video transcript:

The whole experience was great, because from the first meeting that I had with Martin and BK, (I realized) they were very professional and prompt. We had a very detailed discussion on the first meeting on what we actually wanted and what were the things that we were looking at. In the meeting itself, BK and Martin will actually give you the right advice and not force you to go in a certain direction.

They also wouldn’t promise you that everything is doable and let you know what is the best way around, rather than going “Oh you want this? Sure no problem!” and not being able to deliver at the end. They are very professional, they will let you know that if you want something in a particular manner, there might be a better way of doing things. They will suggest to see if you are comfortable with it.

They’ll also advise you if there is actually a need to spend that much. They will give the right advice so eventually you know that they are not out there to squeeze you dry and get you to where you want with your home.

It was actually a very smooth process throughout, I didn’t see any problems. What I valued most is how BK helped me through with the allocation of the space such as how the cabinets are being built up and what I needed to look out for especially when it comes to storage for clothing, books etc. She explained all the requirements thoroughly and that helped me a lot through the whole renovation process. It’s pretty much hassle free!

For my wife and me, we have a certain design direction. After sharing it with BK, she easily understood what we wanted. In the midst of our discussions, BK also highlighted certain areas that we may want to look out for or some areas we may need to alter aspects such as functionality or even if we are overspending on aspects that are too minor. So after understanding where she is coming from, this is the house we have eventually.

My favourite part of the house would be the carpentry. I look at the workmanship and functionality of the cupboards, cabinets and the kitchen and know that they are good. I don’t see any design issues with them.

I appreciate the effort she put in and the help that she rendered to us that allowed us to have this very beautiful home. She’s very patient and tries her best to understand what we need. Though sometimes we can get a little bit agitated, but she understands what we are going through. We appreciate the patience she has with us, and the job well done.

The simple living room is spacious and shuns the clutter of bulky furniture. One of our clients at 440 Fernvale Link had us do up his home, revolving around the concept of simplicity and minimalism. Here’s what we did.

Five large cabinets provide ample storage solutions, creating even more space in this already spacious environment.

Above: The bedroom is another simple living space with 3 wardrobes for clothings.

Above: The kitchen’s colour theme follows through from the living area, taking on the familiar white, brown and grey tones. This allows the rooms to seamlessly flow from one to another.

Project By: HomeVista Pte Ltd

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