How to Make the Most of a Modern Scandinavian Design for your 4-Room HDB

How to Make the Most of a Modern Scandinavian Design for your 4-Room HDB


Modern Scandinavian apartments quite a few yet considered as one of the best designed homes whenever you ask an interior designer. This is because of the pristine yet urban feel the design concept exudes to anyone who steps into an apartment such as this.

The living area of this 4-room HDB has all the elements of the Modern Scandinavian design. From the onset, one can automatically see that only the basic furnishings that are the essentials of Scandinavian concept complemented with pops of color at key areas make the space modern enough without looking too boring.


The dining area can seat a family four comfortably. By using a cool color for the wall, with quirky pictures hanging on it, the area instantly brightened up and became trippy. One of the best design tricks to make a Scandinavian concept look modern and hip is to use lively colors coupled with artsy home decor, such as the lighting for this space.


The kitchen looks spacious compared to most HDB kitchens. This can be attributed to the designer’s choice of colors and the arrangement of the kitchen appliances. Notice that the designer used graphic patterns on the lower storage cabinets to make them come alive and blend better with the rest of the kitchen furnishings.


The use of wood is also a characteristic of Scandinavian appeal. By adding color to the pillows and to the painting hanging on the wall, a trendier vibe was instantly felt. The choice of lighting also created a more urban approach to the design of the bedroom.


A similar lighting structure is located near the entryway of the bedroom that gives the whole area just the right amount of illumination. The TV wall is simple and bare yet elegant and classy in appeal.


The study or work area can also double as a guest room. The designer was able to ingeniously create a relaxed and somber vibe in this space simply with the use of cream as the base color of the room. One design trick to know is how to maximize the use of just one color to make a room look vibrant or relaxed such as this one.