How To Maximize Space Usage in Children’s Bedroom

How To Maximize Space Usage in Children’s Bedroom

In this series of children bedrooms collection, we will show you 5 different design ideas. As you read through each description try to imagine if you would do it the same. Or how you would create more space.

Bedroom #1

A room painted blue with cloud figures lightly painted on top. A regular full size bed right to the right of you once you walk in the room. Closet kiddy corner to the right as well painted blue and yellow. Then keeping to your right you see shelving spaces filled with figurines, books, robots, and other nick knacks your son might play with. Moving out from the shelf there is a huge couch where he can enjoy reading books or playing. The room has wooded flooring and a lot of lighting on the ceiling. There is a lot of floor space so he can play on the floor with friends.





Bedroom #2

This would be perfect for a little girl. As soon as you walk in to the room you have the desk in the corner to the right, the bed next to it, and then a stand for holding her toys. The bed has a pull around veil which creates the princess affect. Next to the desk there is shelving for her books and then any little toys she wants to add to it. With everything moved to one side you create a lot of flooring for her to play with friends and move around.

Bedroom #3

This room is a little fancier. You come into the room an immediately to the left there is a closet, then the desk a little bit to the side of it. Then the floor dips down a bit and there lies the bed. And along the far wall is the dressers and shelving right under the window sill. Very clean and organized with a lot of floor space.

Bedroom #4

When you walk into this room you see the bed right away across from the door. Then to the left you see the TV mounted on the wall with a floating shelf right underneath. And if you continue walking, across from the TV is a desk with shelving to hold books and important papers. It is built right into the wall there. Open floor with a ceiling fan. Very spacious and clean.

Bedroom #5

Smaller than the others, this room has a shelf hanging right above the bed in an angular fashion. Laptop desk area is right at the foot of the bed. Creates more convenience when late at night. As well as the nice comfy cushion of the bed as a seat. The flooring space is plentiful because everything I s right on top of each other.