How To Style Your Bedroom According to Your Personality

How To Style Your Bedroom According to Your Personality


Bedrooms are the private sanctuaries of any person. It is where they relax comfortably and be themselves any time of day. In order to be comfortable in one’s own bedroom, the design and look of the room should be done according to the personality of the owner.

This bedroom is clean and streamlined. The use of wood makes the room simple and stylish at the same time. The TV feature wall is geometrically designed, adding character to the space.


For the more stylish people, this bedroom is designed just for you. Wall decor in paisley print, soft illumination under the bed, wood flooring for a sophisticated look and overall cozy appeal. The use of soft lighting under the bed helped a lot in making the room look rich and luxurious.


A room fit for a hard working manager, this bedroom has all the design elements needed for an urban contemporary style. The wall decor and the head board complement each other. The wooden chairs add texture and the big windows give light to the whole space.


If you are more hip and like the cool stuff, this room can be perfect for you. The work table in front of the bed is designed in a way that invites the owner to be more focused and creative with his projects. The rug adds texture to the room while the design on the wooden cabinet gives depth to the space.


Color is one of the major characteristics of people who are creative. This room is best for those who are creative yet are also trying to maximize a small space. Soft lighting under the work table makes the room look bright and cozy. The wall paper adds more character to the purple headboard.


This is another angle of the room for the young, creative people. The  design  on the wooden cabinets give a more striking appeal to the room. It even complements the shelf because it is also designed in a unique way. The use of wood is important in achieving a stylish and cool vibe for the room.


For those who are more simple and straightforward, this is the bedroom for you. A decorative wall adds the style to an otherwise simple and understated room. Dark wood finishing achieves the elegant feel and the rug and cabinet design adds the texture.


This is another angle of the same bedroom. Notice that there is a play in the sense of sight because of the different geometric designs and the color scheme of black and white. If you are the type who loves creative things and the quiet calm, this is the bedroom design for you.