Initate Artful Intimacy With Scandinavian Concept

Initate Artful Intimacy With Scandinavian Concept

The Scandinavian concept is an increasingly popular interior option for a futuristic condominium. Working with small living spaces may feel restricting but with a few clever tips everything should come out just right.

For instance white color scheme on just about everything from creates the illusion of space. This concept is further enhanced with a false ceiling concept to create a cozy, spacious and well lit living space.

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Art paintings are a classy addition to any room as they sit in well with all the modern gadgets and high tech furniture. The main idea behind this perspective is to make the most use of the available space while leaving ample room to move about.

In order to take away the cramped feeling take up the minimalist approach- functional pieces that complement the condos unique location.

A wooden floor gives a stark contrast that is both welcoming and intimate. It is a stylish alternative to the carpet.