Inside Meets Outside: Design Fusion in Open-Plan Living

Inside Meets Outside: Design Fusion in Open-Plan Living

A meticulously designed open-plan living space made with the environment in mind. Every element of this house follows the same theme; soft brown hues that coat each wall and living area, combining natural bamboo with modern fittings to create a space filled with warmth.

In a house full of unique design features and surprises, we are led down into the study. The inner sanctum of this house yields much. A spacious workspace and elegant table set against a corner wall, a vast glass-encased cupboard that extends across one wall of the room, giving you more than enough space to store your paper-bound treasures.


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The beautifully designed and ultramodern living room opens to a fully equipped kitchen, that appeals to the homeowner with even the most discerning of tastes. A striking restored dining set shows off the fusion of wooden elements of the house, as it’s rugged yet smooth look contrasts the high-end kitchen right next to it.

Another striking feature lays right in front of this immaculate kitchen; a quaint bathroom completely surrounded by natural bamboo, only revealing small flashes of what is inside. A ceramic bathtub, toilet and sink occupy this space – integrating the glass, wood and metallic elements from around the house in one area.


But, that’s not where this ends. Just as each area flows into the next, the study remains connected in one important way; a rotating partial room separator that allows one to communicate from room to room. This is fusion design at its best.