Landed Property 3D Drawing Ideas

Landed Property 3D Drawing Ideas

Adding another dimension into the space is the new trend lately. But it is a tricky task, and it requires careful planning upfront.

The trick for 3D design is to add another dimension either to the ceiling, or to the wall. The ceiling thing is easy and simple, but the wall’s dimension offer tons of flexibility and ideas.

One way to add 3D to the wall is by mixing two different materials. You can see it in both living rooms, with bricks, wood, or stones serving as that third dimension to the wall.

One thing to keep in mind is to pay attention to the material you are adding as a third dimension. It has to complement the colors of the room. The first living room is an excellent example for this.

In bedrooms, 3D is achieved by installing built in shelves, wardrobes and everything else where you can display your decorations.