Living Hall Modern Classic Idea You Will Love

Living Hall Modern Classic Idea You Will Love

For a modern classic concept, the color black is meant to be used a either a highlight or a feature. Take the image above as an example, our designer had incorporated a full height black colored based opened shelves behind the sofa area.

With space planning taken into consideration, open shelves are designed with the intention to make full height carpentry less bulky. This also aids conveniences to this home owner when it comes to retrival of items.

The theme “Modern Classic” had always been a never-dying trend among home owners in Singapore. We are going to present a proposal done up for a 2-bedroom condominium project to display the electic look of the Modern Classic concept.

When we mention Modern Classic, the colors of Black & White will appear in the brains of home owners. But how exactly do we use the 2 mentioned colors to present a comfortable feel of the Modern Classic Concept? Illustrations of our images will show you how Stylerider does our mix & match.

If you’re a home owner with many display items which you would love to showcase, the idea of the open shelves near the dining area would be perfect, as this will open up many conversations when your guests are around.

A half height wall with marble tiles finishing is proposed with a classic look. Purpose of the half height wall is to ensure that sufficient lighting is evenly introduced into the unit to allow a spacious look in the flat.

With the clear glass panels sitting on the marble half height wall, this allows our customer to have good privacy while working in the study room.

Instead of sticking with a normal white colored ceiling, we’d highlighted the borders of the ceiling, acting as a frame. This idea portrays the ceiling to be the largest sized painting of the home.

The criss-crossed design is designed to be symmetrical to allow the “painting” looks neat. WIth a chandelier in the middle of this painting, perfect.

Open concept kitchens are designed for home owners whom are mainly not doing much heavy cooking at home. With the finishing of the cabinets coming with vertical laminate wood grains, this allows visual stretch of the cabinets looking taller rather than compressed.

Our designer had chosen to use a black tinted mirror to replace the backing in between the kitchen cabinets. With the strong reflective image presented, it reflects back how spacious the living hall of this condominium unit can be.

This idea also outcasts the usual proposals of having a tempered glass backing, with the same level of maintenance but better visual aids.