Luxury 3 Bedroom Condo @ Viz

Luxury 3 Bedroom Condo @ Viz

Glamorous is the word that springs to mind as you look at the classy interiors of this home.

The living room appears to have come to life from a glitzy movie set! Plush furnishings and classy accessories in hues of black and silver bring in a sophisticated charm. The style flows out smoothly into the balcony through large french doors. Soft spot lighting on the ceiling make the room cosy and inviting.

The dining area set up is truly magnificent with exquisite light fixtures and a beautiful feature wall. Across the elegant dining table setting, a satiny black wall runs along the length of the room with tinted mirrors set in. This accentuates the gloss and shine theme in this stylish home.

The master bedroom takes you into a whole different world of luxury. Lush bedding, beautiful furnishings and a shimmering chandelier will all make you feel the true grandeur of this home. It also features a built-in entertainment area.

This beautiful home oozes style, luxury and personality.