Luxury Apartment @ St Thomas Walk

Luxury Apartment @ St Thomas Walk

You remember all those luxury suites we usually see on the movies? Well, they are real.

Looking like it has come out from a movie, the apartment provides all the luxury accessories that go with it. Leather made furniture, tiles on the floor, lighting from every corner, crystal made chandelier, lots of mirrors, and everything else you need for a comfortable, luxurious feeling.

The living room and the balcony are one cohesive unit, with a wonderful view. The balcony is not overcrowded with elements, just two comfortable chairs and a table for a small talk. It gives just the perfect situation to go out, smoke a cigar, drink a whiskey and enjoy your life.

Crystal made chandeliers are found in almost every room of the apartment, as they add to the luxurious feeling.

Once in the bedroom, you know you are not in an everyday apartment. Even the bed’s form, shape and positioning is not common.