Maximise Your Balcony Space With Movable Louvers Windows at Bartley Ridge
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Maximise Your Balcony Space With Movable Louvers Windows at Bartley Ridge

Do you have a big balcony space but could not put your furniture because you afraid the rain would damage it? Now you can make full use of balcony space by installing this movable louvers windows at your home.

The video demonstration below shows the actual installation of movable louvers at Bartley Ridge condo. You can see that the actual operation is simple, by moving the panels and you can fence up the entire space.

If you feel it’s too dark, you can also open up the little slots which is acting as windows to let natural light in so as to brighten the space.

With the enclosed space, you can put your dining table here and enjoy dinner without having to worry about rain coming in to destroy your meals.

This movable louvers windows has been installed at Bartley Residences, Bartley Ridge,  and Bellewoods. It is 100% rain proof. If you want to have an actual feel and touch on our movable louvers, we can arrange an appointment for you to see how easy and effective this product is.

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