Minimalist Kitchen Clad Elegantly in White

Minimalist Kitchen Clad Elegantly in White

Certain portions in the kitchen that have incorporated warm tones signify the working areas such as the stoves and refrigerator.


Using reflective shades of grey through the use of different materials is also a good idea especially for kitchens and bathrooms.

This condominium needed more jazz to it which was achieved by adding spaces of grey and warm toned interiors in order to achieve this look.


Although the walls were white, placing black furniture gave it a more sophisticated feel.


The bedroom is a very intimate space and gentle colors should be used such as pale shades of grey instead of those on the darker and heavier side.


Marble is also a great pattern to work with as it is timeless and classy.


The darker gray areas along the counter give the room more character and make each side of the room interesting.


It is also a great way to make our working space feel more professional to get you in the mood to work.