Mirror Placements in Home to Expand Space

Mirror Placements in Home to Expand Space


Having high ceilings and having large windows are traditional ways of creating the illusion of larger spaces but not a lot of home owners know that nothing expands a homes space unlike a strategically placed mirror.

This 4-room HDB BTO home was recently renovated to have a more condominium-like feel and by playing with mirrors, they were also able to make their home appear bigger and more spacious.


Adding glass instead of a bulky divider allows light to be reflected off of it which maximizes natural lights effect and gives a better view.


Placing a mirror behind furniture or tight spaces allows pieces to look more useful rather than cramped in. In this photo, the mirror is placed behind the dinning area which gives the room so much depth.


Placing a mirror in front of an entry way or a door is also a good idea if you want to give the illusion of more space.


Having reflective surfaces whether from your furniture or appliances allows light to bounce off of them and create larger spaces. It also makes a room less dull.


A house for three does not have to be extremely large. It just needs to utilize its space properly.