Modern Concept @ Palm Gardens

Modern Concept @ Palm Gardens

Stepping into the living room you get the sense it is a bit crowded. But that is just until you start feeling comfy and relaxed in it. The truth is, there are more elements than usual, but they are all there to enhance the artistic value of the room. The tree sculpture is the definite signature mark of the room.

The dining room on the other hand, is spacious with lots of natural light, and colors that additionally reflect the light. A large mirror on the side wall creates an illusion of even more space.

Every room has a specific artistic element in it, and in the working room, those elements are the ceiling and the chair. Without them, the office feels like an ordinary office where you would hate to spend time. But the unconventional design provides playfulness and breathes life into the room.

Most offices are strict and rule heavy, but in this one, the only rule is that there are no rules.

A loft bed in the bedroom serves as a clever solution for the storage problem. By adding storage to the room and with the use of a build in wardrobe, the designer has saved precious space. Not that this spacious bedroom needs more space, but it sure feels like a luxury suite.