Modern Concept With Purple Delight

Modern Concept With Purple Delight

When operating with a small space, some people look to go for a minimalistic design. But there are also those who love to express their glamour and luxury in a glitzy style. The later is the situation in this apartment.

The apartment is arranged in very much western luxury style, with a bar separating the living area from the dining area. The bar is rich with expensive liquor and a built in fish tank only emphasizes the luxury living of the residents.

Purple has long been dubbed as the color of the royals, and here, the designer uses the color to its perfection. Purple works ideally in a black setting and with all the lights and glitz, the color is actually calming and blending the environment together.

In the children room we see a perfect example of how one color can be used to visually enhance the space. The designer sticks to purple for the children room, but uses different shades of the color to create a certain flow within the space.