Modern Contemporary At Esparina Residences

Modern Contemporary At Esparina Residences

A young couple who preferred modern & contemporary living style.

Project: Esparina Residences
Unit: 4-room Condo
Budget: $20k
Homeowner: Young couple
Concept: Modern Contemporary
Designer: Eric Pang

vegas Contemporary Esparina Residences 2
Geometry and western style plays a large role in the interior design here. All of the signature elements of the contemporary style are there, but in a subtle manner, that is takes a bit to notice them.

vegas Contemporary Esparina Residences 3
Luckily, we can pin point some of them. For example, to emphasize the love and romance that flows through the space, the designer adds the “I LOVE YOU” graphic letters, but they are in two contrast colors, which makes blends them with the interior. The idea is not for the I Love You to pop, but blend and be part of the interior.

vegas Contemporary Esparina Residences 4
As with many other modern and contemporary designs, contrast is largely used. All the furniture elements follow strict geometry lines. What gives the space character, texture and deepness are the drapes both in the living room and the bedroom. The quality of the material is indisputably high, and the richness of the color is evident as well.

vegas Contemporary Esparina Residences 5

vegas Contemporary Esparina Residences 6
Last but not least, wallpapers have been used to mix things up when it comes to wall texture.