Modern Contemporary 3D Design With Neutral Colours
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Modern Contemporary 3D Design With Neutral Colours

Neutral colors are always easy on the eye, they can be combined with other colours, and they create a sense of flow in the environment. What we see here are three different designs of a room.

In the first case, a neutral, creamy colour scheme has been used. By using different shades of the colour, the designer mixes and matches all elements of the room together.

But the signature element of the room is the glass cabinet. Glass cabinets have risen in popularity in recent years, as they allow owners to display their precious items, all while preventing dust.

In the second case, we have a bedroom with a TV feature wall installed. But the designer goes a step further, and adds book shelves beneath, above and on the sides of the TV. The whole TV cabinet is built into the wall.

Last, but not least, we see an example of how neutral colours and texture can be mixed into one room. There are more than four different textures on the walls in the room, but since they all descend from one primary neutral colour (brown), they work extremely well together.

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