Modern Contemporary At Foresque Residences

Modern Contemporary At Foresque Residences

Working with a small space, the designer has made the most out of it. The living room and the dining room are blended into one room, without walls.

The kitchen is made in a way that it is open concept, but with glass wall and door to segregate from the living room. However, the glass wall gives the impression and creates an illusion that the kitchen is open concept and combined with the dining room.

Artificial walls are a theme here, as the living and the dining room are also segregated by what is the TV feature wall with cabinet and shelves on it. The rooms are not fully separated, but there is a line between them.

Even though the living arrangement doesn’t give the impression of a huge apartment, the apartment does feature a closet room, with everything fully organised and in perfect order.

In the bedroom, the blue colour gives the ideal comfortable and calming feeling.