Modern Interior With Victorian Touch At 27 Kingsmead Road

Modern Interior With Victorian Touch At 27 Kingsmead Road

Creating a modern Victorian interior is a tricky challenge, and people usually make the mistake of not balancing the two styles. The main challenge is to carefully mesh the two styles.

What is important to remember that modern style should dominate, and Victorian should complement the interior. That is the case in this apartment as well. It is all in the details, which the designer has used to add a little romantic feel via the Victorian style.

Let’s start from the living area, for which there are two suggestions. The first suggestion is with a small round coffee table and four chairs around it, which is more intimate setting.

The second is more distant, and comfortable. But both options involve Victorian style drapery and flowers to enrich the environment. The dining area is the best example of how the two styles have been mixed and matched.

The modern setting is enriched by candles, chandeliers, flowers and many more details. To top it all, the designer places an ornament picture frame, which is a classic Victorian style decoration.

In the kitchen areas, in both the wet and dry kitchen, the focus is on freshness. The rooms are decorated with lots of fresh flowers and plants, providing balance to the sterile white background.