Modern Loft Bedroom with Splash of Color

Modern Loft Bedroom with Splash of Color

Faced with a height in a room that allows transforming it into a loft, the designer has created a multi-purpose bedroom that is modern, elegant, functional and practical.

Placing a loft bed has allowed the designer to add storage boxes in the stairs leading to the sleeping area. The space under the bed has been creatively used for a wardrobe section.

Mirror doors round up the wardrobe, used for visual appeal and optical illusion creating bigger space.

The last corner of the bedroom has been used for a working, study room. And once again, the designer uses the potential of the height, placing floating shelves above the working desk.

What is most impressive in the room is the splash of colors. In an all-white interior, the desperate need for color has been fulfilled by blue touches and a bold, red chair.

And while the bedroom lacks space, the designer has more than enough space to play with in the kitchen. The extra space has allowed the designer to split the room in two sections, with free space between them.

On one side, the designer places the wet section of the kitchen with the dry on the opposite side.