Modern, Luxurious & Alluring Concept @ 368 Thomson

Modern, Luxurious & Alluring Concept @ 368 Thomson

If you could ask the Genie from Aladdin to grant you a luxurious apartment, you might end up in this one. Everything in it screams luxury and money. From the golden chandeliers, leather furniture the enormous glass in the dining room, to the private balcony.

While you don’t get much room to play with in the living room, you do get a private balcony, and everything fits just in the place where it should. And for your high profile guests, you get to greet them in a dining room that is modern, and once you add some expensive eating utensils, you’ll have the perfect environment.

The bedroom is spacious, with a king sized bed and a flat screen TV. Rich people with style want to show their wealth in a subtle, yet elegant way. In the bedroom, you have the luxurious, yet simple lamp, but the engravings on it show the value.

If you have money, a home office where you can work in a relaxed environment is a must. A leather bed, flat screen TV and all the office equipments are here, it is just up to you to work and earn money to pay for the apartment.