Modern Luxury Cozy Living @ 5 Sophia Road Residence
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Modern Luxury Cozy Living @ 5 Sophia Road Residence

Luxury doesn’t always have to be expressed with grand, big, and enormous details. Sometimes, the luxury is in the subtle details that enrich the home.

While the living room and the dining room do feature a crystal made chandelier, the details are what make the room luxurious and warm in the same time. Take the light shelves on the wall next to the TV, or the peacock looking watch, or the crystal glass. There are lots of details that show the power, the prestige and the social ranking of the owner.

In the bedroom and the children room, on the other hand, luxury is expressed through quality of materials and richness of colors. The brown wallpaper in the bedroom, resembles a lot to the Burberry motives, a luxurious British fashion house.

And in the children room, the designer has used pink, but not just any pink color. The pink color, especially on the drapes, has a lot of texture, richness and the quality of it is obvious

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