Modern Mix of Textures Giving Ample Storage Space

Modern Mix of Textures Giving Ample Storage Space

The designer has added a special and unique feeling to the interior by mixing and matching different textures. The mix of textures can be seen on different walls, but sometimes, even on the same element.

For example, in the living area, the designer has used the approach of mix and match of different textures for the TV feature wall. Rugged wooden squares are coupled with black mat finishing for an excellent mix of rugged and smooth outlook.

When it comes to cabinets and furniture, the designer has maximised their potential, by opting for floor to ceiling cabinets all over the interior.

In the master bedroom, we again see a different mix of textures used for the TV cabinet. A small, but valuable addition is the glass finishing for some display niches that adds a touch of luxury feeling to the room.

In the kitchen, the approach of smooth and rugged is achieved thanks to the wooden finishing of the furniture elements, combined with the marble counter top.