Modern Red Hot Kitchen

Modern Red Hot Kitchen

Red is the common choice for homeowners who want to go bold in the kitchen. The color is dramatic and ideal for combining with black, white or silver.

What is special about the kitchen is the double L outlook that the designer has used. The double L outlook provides ample space for preparing food, while keeping all the essentials for cooking on the other side.

The kitchen elements feature a number of hidden storage spots, mostly shelves, located in the bottom elements.

Another unique aspect of the kitchen is the ceiling, or mostly the pillars, positioned in a way to add an extra dimension and make the interior deeper.

The designer has used the same bold and creative approach in the bedroom as well. The bedroom is a compact, completely utilised room with several corners.

Floating shelves add extra storage in the small room, while the space between the bed and the wardrobe has been used for a study corner. A mirror on the wardrobe is another way to add multifunctional furniture to the room.