Modern Romantic And Full With Love

Modern Romantic And Full With Love

Emotions flow in every corner of the apartment. While heartlessness is a common adjective and association people have for modern design, this apartment is quite the contrary.

And in fact, most people don’t see beyond the white walls and simple, minimalistic design. What you get here is a romantic atmosphere, echoed from the start of the drapes. While they are not your everyday romantic, lace and flowers drapes, they do bring a certain emotion to the space.

The rest of the apartment follows the principles of modern design, which is often neutral colours and clean lines. But every now and then, an apartment needs someone to mix things up, to spice them up a bit. And for that purpose, you do not need to change everything. Even subtle, small mixes as the TV cabinet in the bedroom, and the lines on it are enough to achieve the goal.

A vase with a flower can be found in every room of the apartment, which is the purpose and the trick for those emotions that overwhelm the environment.

Even in the bathroom, the tiles for the shower express some kind of romance. On first glance, they are aggressive and striking, but there is a story there if you want to read it.