Modern Scandinavian The Rainforest Choa Chu Kang At $22k
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Modern Scandinavian The Rainforest Choa Chu Kang At $22k

This 3-bedroom condo unit at The Rainforest is renovated at a cost of $22k. Right from the moment you enter the apartment, it is evident that the environment has a lot of breathing room and life, even though it is a small apartment in essence.

However, with clever decorating, and using tricks from the Scandinavian playbook, the designer has made the space as bright and as lively as possible.

And even though there is not much room, the designer has opted for a full wall cabinet on the TV wall. It might look crowded, but it works and functions properly in this setting.

The colours are chosen to perfection, with black and white serving as a subtle background, and silver and gray rounding up the interior.

With such dull colours, you always need some splash of life, and the designer does just that with the flowers in the living area.

The bedroom is a tad bigger room than usually, and the designer has taken advantage of the space. Adding a working office desk in the bedroom ensures two things.

First, the corner can always be used for small office tasks such as email checking. However, it can also be used as a powder room for the females.

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