Modern Theme With Unique Ideas for Small Spaces

Modern Theme With Unique Ideas for Small Spaces

In essence, this modern apartment was decorated with comfortable furniture that should contribute to a cozy environment coupled with sun and the sea breeze.

A cove lighting effect is employed in the living room, which furthers emphasizes the coziness and comfort of the space.

But the beauty of the apartment lies in the way the designer has employed several tricks for small spaces and how he managed to make them look very stylish and prestigious.

First example is the bar in the living / dining area. The bar looks luxurious, but it actually has tons of storage space underneath.

The best examples of space saving tricks, however, are found in the bedrooms. Both the master and the smaller bedroom use the full potential of the window bay.

In the first case, in the master bedroom, the designer has used the space for storage. In the smaller bedroom, the designer manages to add second bed thanks to the space by the window.