Modern Urban At DLeedon Condo Farrer Road

Modern Urban At DLeedon Condo Farrer Road

When you enter the apartment, you notice it looks like an urban jungle. How so? While the basic concept is modern style, the way it was executed is a lot different with urban elements added to make the environment entertaining, interesting and playful.

The first major difference between common modern spaces and this one is the approach. Modern design usually opts for minimalistic style, but here, we see more elements.

The second is colours. While modern is associated with white, bright and cream colours, here we have rich, deep and luxurious tones.

An interesting element in the hallway is the feature wall. The designer has made an imitation to a TV feature wall, placed it in the entry room, and added illumination.

This element ensures that right from the moment you step foot into the apartment, you are sure you can expect everything in it.

Another interesting choice is the TV feature wall in the living area. Opting for marble as a material, the designer adds a luxurious, unique touch and depth to the room.

In the bedroom, the designer takes the approach of playing with texture. A marble like headboard is accompanied by laminate flooring, soft, linen bedding, and a crude rug on the floor.

The room is rich with textures, but they are all blended together thanks to the similarities in design and colour.