Modern Woody @ Harbour View

Modern Woody @ Harbour View

This is not your everyday modern home. While the apartment does keep some of the basic principles like sleek design, focusing on lowering the amount of clutter in the apartment, it is nowhere near simple and accessory free.

Yet, in the same time, the unusual and unconventional accessories work wonders for the interior. Take the living room for example. The room is spacious, it keeps the geometrical basic shapes, lines and curves, but the addition of a few statues and the pictures in the hallway add character and style.

The entertainment room is where you see all industrial materials embraced and used. The room takes full advantage of the new technologies available to designers.

The unusual and artistic touch is present in the bedroom as well. The room is a mosaic of simple and basic geometric lines, with the two orange lamps popping out. The peach color bedding blends perfectly in the room, providing a refreshing source in the rather dark and black interior.